The oddest beach in the world

Last week was abstract in the Hebrides. This week is more literal, but also more weird. A boat graveyard on a Kent beach. Dungeness – the oddest beach in the world.

Beached boat

Beached boat


Junk, detritus, and decaying boats. Pretty deserted at 7am on a Sunday morning, which added to the atmosphere. Isolation & stillness. I loved it!

No more fishing...

No more fishing…


Now photographers are well known for being attracted to a bit of junk and decay – makes for great textures and patterns, and that was certainly in abundance here. And I wanted to make my pictures slightly weird too, so out came the IR camera. I think it adds an extra element to the style of the images.

green seaweed turned white

green seaweed turned white

The camera is a revelation. I can shoot images that just weren’t possible before. Like this one, straight into the sun. A beach with a difference, matched by a camera with a difference. How about that – liberation surrounded by decay. Weird or what! I wonder what you think… Let me know.


The sun shines on a dead boat.

The sun shines on a dead boat.

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