Quaffing wine in the Dordogne

France is just such a lovely place for a holiday! There I indulge, deeply, in my two great vices: Photography and Wine, not necessarily in that order.


The Dordogne at sunrise

The Dordogne at sunrise


It was on holiday in the Dordogne that we Pecks designed the Wine Rating System which I happily recommend as an excellent way to manage one’s wine consumption during the week.

Could only be France...

Could only be France…

specifically, the Dordogne

specifically, the Dordogne


The aim of this system is to recognise that some wines are better, i.e. more delicious rather than more expensive, than others. And the most delicious wines are the ones to be savoured and consumed, ideally in liberal quantities, without the problem of a heavy head at work the following morning. Herein lies the key…

Castelnaud, once English, alas no more...

Castelnaud, once English, alas no more…

Beynac at dawn

Beynac at dawn

Such a system is important for the photographer. After all s/he must be up at the crack of dawn to get those pictures in the golden glow, and a thick head doesn’t help work out the best exposure times…

Flowers in summer

Flowers in summer

Mist over our local lake

Mist over our local lake (again at dawn)


So how does our System work? Very simple – we rate wines according to days of the week: ‘Monday’, ‘Tuesday’ and ‘Wednesday’ wines are average. Pop the cork, drink the bottle and forget it. A ‘Thursday’ wine is better. Good for quaffing. But still only ok. ‘Friday’ wines are beginning to show a touch of class. These have to be happy making wines. They are the right way to start the weekend. ‘Saturday’ wines are getting serious. Wines to savour. Fine to share, and admire, with friends. But the best, most exquisite, wines are ‘Sunday’ wines. These are the stunners, so good you don’t want to share them. Keep it in the family.

Mrs P opens our holiday fridge - stocked with essentials...

Mrs P opens our holiday fridge – stocked with essentials…


2 weeks, 18 corks. Not bad going!

2 weeks, 18 corks. Not bad going!

The kids have been pretty adept with this system for some time. It is not unusual for them to taste a wine in a restaurant and exclaim ‘Tuesday’ or ‘Friday!’ much to the confusion of other diners, given that we often eat out on a Saturday.

So there we are. The Peck Wine Rating System. Not quite up to Robert Parker standards, but then I can’t afford his wines. Give it a go, and cheers! Or as they say in France, “tchin tchin”!



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