From Thin Lizzy to the Beatles…

I haven’t been to pub gigs for years, and now I’ve done two in two weeks (see last post). Just like London buses!

Crap Beatles-17bw

This one was for charity ( and instead of Irish folk and Thin Lizzy I was back in the 60s with  The Crap Beatles. (That’s not necessarily an ironic band title…)

Crap Beatles-22bw

Crap Beatles-10bw

A good chance for a singalong you might think. After all everyone knows the songs… But surprising how rocky and hard core the classic Beatles songs can be when stripped back to guitars, bass and drums.

Crap Beatles-3bw

Crap Beatles-6bw

The evening was made by the antics of the singer. He’s clearly in the wrong band. He’s got more in common with Roger Daltrey or Freddie than either Lennon or McCartney. His voice isn’t quite the same, but posing is his forte…

Crap Beatles-16bw

Crap Beatles-23bw

A night impossible to forget… And some money raised for a good cause. That’s probably my last pub gig for some time. Get me back to the O2!

And colour crashes in!

And colour crashes in!

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