Cotswold Glamour Weekend

It’s pretty griek outside, so I’m reminiscing again about summer delights. And here’s one from a while ago. A stolen weekend with Mrs P at Barnsley House, which because we’re in Britain, is nowhere near Barnsley…

Barnsley House (in the Cotswolds)

Barnsley House (in the Cotswolds)

This is a great place to hide away and get pampered. No wonder Mrs P loved it. I think she managed several massages and a hydrotherapy treatment in the space of a long weekend. Gave me time to investigate the surroundings before the dinner gong…

Hidden statues in the garden

Hidden statues in the garden

And a twin...

And a twin…

Cotswold stone, manicured gardens and ivy hugging old style nostalgia. My favourite spot was the gazebo. Great place to spread out the Sunday paper and check out the gossip. This was whilst the second massage of the weekend was taking place elsewhere. Each to her own.

Shade, dragonflies, and English Breakfast tea.

Shade, dragonflies, and English Breakfast tea.

I know this was some time ago, because all my photos of Barnsley House are square. Which means it was when I was still shooting the clunky beast of a Bronica SQA on 120 film. I loved the camera, loved the summer and loved the weekend away. And especially when Mrs P resurfaced. Time to share the tea…

A relaxing spot.

A relaxing spot.

2 responses to “Cotswold Glamour Weekend

  • Food,Photography & France

    I remember the Bronica well. I was tempted to buy one for the noise of the shutter alone. In the end I went the Mamiya route. My son Sam, a very successful London photographer, is still using my old RZ with the latest digital back replacing the old film backs:)

    • thomas peck

      Indeed – the shutter noise is the most impressive clunk I’ve ever come across!

      I’ve steered clear of digital backs. Partly because of the expense, but also because DSLR quality is so good I don’t think it’s possible to tell the difference in the end product – the pic. But the experience of taking the pic would of course be much different…. Ah well, perchance to dream…


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