Bleak Midwinter and New Year’s Resolutions

Luckily, I am of a sunny disposition. I needed it over the last days, as I have been teased, mercilessly, by the family, the weather, everything…

The Pecks and the Heatons

The Pecks and the Heatons

Holiday home: Mendham Mill

Holiday home: Mendham Mill

Firstly, the weather. We always try to get away over the New Year period. This time Suffolk/Norfolk border, Mendham in the Waveney valley. At first it was crisp, cold, sunny, frosty and beautiful. Time for a constitutional with our good friends, the Heatons. But this weather flattered to deceive. The next four days it rained, poured, flooded. Cats and dogs doesn’t capture it. Grim, grey and miserable is more on the mark. Our trip to Southwold, so famous for its beautiful beach and town centre was a washout…

grey and grim...

grey and grim…

these are worth a fortune (?!?!)

these are worth a fortune (why !?!)

the beach climbing up the stairways.

the beach is climbing up the stairways.

Duaghter taking refuge in a gambling den

Daughter taking refuge in a gambling den on the pier

Despite the awful weather I decided to get on with my New Year’s resolution. Having made Mrs P her morning cup of coffee in bed I put on the trainers and went out in the gale for a jog. Drenched, sodden, but quietly proud of myself I returned a while later. The following comments were made by the rest of the family:

“That was a quick run”: Mrs P.

“What you mean is, that was a short run. Dad wasn’t running quickly”: Daughter P.

“Actually, Dad probably wasn’t running at all. He was walking” Son P, who proceeded to eat my chocolate orange.

I ignored them all, and with as much dignity as I could muster, went off for a shower. Such are the trials and tribulations of a father on the cusp of the New Year.

I hope you fared better over the NY period, in terms of weather and of supportive family commentary – Happy New Year to all!

2014 at sunrise

2014 at sunrise

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