What makes a hotel great?

The view

The view

So what is it that makes a hotel great? Different from the others? After all, amenities, service, food – these are all product, not emotional benefits. Even Mrs P, ever one to indulge in the Spa offerings, knows she can get this almost anywhere. These have become expectations, not differentiators…

Gazing out across the Caribbean

Gazing out across the Caribbean

This question came up today at dinner. We’re at the Cap Maison, St Lucia, and we all decided that this was definitely a great hotel. But why?
Immy, 12, came up with the answer. Its the texture, she said. What did she mean, we said?
Good place for a snooze
Well, it’s got everything that you would expect from a hotel in a nice resort. It’s beautiful, manicured, great view, wonderful restaurant, pool to die for, private beach etc. But that’s not it. It feels like it belongs. Colonial in style, and quirky in atmosphere. It’s not a Premier Inn, she stated, rather emphatically. Everything is very thoughtfully done. For example the tiles on the walkways have got fossils of plants imprinted into the stones. The evening bar, library and shop have all got honesty boxes. The staff have all clocked Immy’s name, and use it. We’ve only been here 2 days…
Curvy pool

Curvy pool


Ubiquitous palm

Old style

Old style

This isn’t perhaps the place for everyone. It’s small and boutique. But it is very lovely. Immy finished up: It’s a fantasy, not a fact.
Not a bad review, for a twelve year old…
The view, again.

The view, again.

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