Pimm’s and hot Summer Friday afternoons

Some of those huge mega-corporations that everyone loves to criticise are actually quite enlightened. Such is the case with my previous employer where Summer Fridays mean clocking off at 1pm and getting out of the office. Good opportunity for a BBQ and a social with old friends! I, of course, went along with my camera…

Mambers, the hostess

Our BBQ hostess (7)

The Pimm's is going down well...

The Pimm’s is going down well… (1)

as I said, the Pimm's is going down well.

as I said, the Pimm’s is going down well (8)

Portraits are supposed to reveal something of the character of the sitter. I wonder if that is true in this case? I shall give you some clues, see if you can match clue to image.

1. Which image shows the ferocious lawyer who can, and does, terrorise both corporate partners and restaurant waiters with equal over the top attention to detail?

2. Who’s the Mum on maternity leave, who’s job role is to babysit the company bigwigs?

3. Which lady is the frenetic travelling Canadian who needs no sleep, is always up for a party, and cannot put down the crackberry? Apparently once got married by mistake for a week (once it’s out it’s out)!

The contented one

The contented one (2)

4. One of these ladies runs marathons, rows the Thames, and spends most Saturdays dressed as the Chelsea mascot at Stamford Bridge (in a lion’s costume… appropriately named Stamford)

5. Which one is me…?

6.  Given this is a pretty cosmopolitan bunch, one lady here is Hungarian. Another complete multi-tasking workaholic, permanently stuck on conference calls… The crackberry is frying her brain.

put it down!!!

put it down!!! (3)

dudette in glasses

dudette in glasses (4)

'tis the season for shades...

’tis the season for shades… (6)

7. One of these ladies has an Italian aristocratic name, works for a Frenchman, lived above the Jimmy Choo shop in Chicago for several years (but never bought… strange…), and is Brit to the core. Which one?

8. This one was agency, now client. Poacher turned gamekeeper – much more fun bossing the others around for a change!

I'm the easy one to guess...

I’m the easy one to guess…

OK, so I’m not Rankin or Cartier Bresson, and the clues will only means something to the sitters. But who cares? Long live hot Summer Friday afternoons, and ever-full jugs of Pimm’s.  Cheers!

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