Hogwarts iphoneography

Time to test myself – can I take a photograph without the beast cameras, the A99 or the Leica? What happens if I fall back on the iPhone? Will I end up with a series of snappy snaps, or some keepers for the blog? So this weekend I deliberately put the high tech away, and charge up my phone (good job I did, the battery life is rubbish!)


I needed some wizardry, so Hogwarts was the right place to come. And what a place! It really is for all the family – the kids are obsessed with the story, and the adults find the transformation of the sets into the film quite, well, magical…

in the Great Hall

in the Great Hall

Gryffindor common room

Gryffindor common room

Of course, as we delve deeper into the stories of the 7 books, 8 films (OMG, so many!?!?) the kids raise the inevitable question of which characters we family members best represent. Given that I have a boy and a girl, the kids’ choices are pretty obvious…

Hermione costumes

Immy naturally sees herself as Hermione

Did Hermione wear a wig?!

Did Hermione wear a wig?!

Charles would like to be a Harry figure (although he could easily be a Weasley…)

Weasley jokes

Weasley jokes

Mrs P chooses Bellatrix Lestrange as her alter ego. Now that does worry me slightly, although it means she gets to wear leather and lace…

Bellatrix costume

Bellatrix costume

And then the family vote on me. I don’t really stand a chance, and get nominated for He Who Should Not Be Named. Quite unfair I think, given that I don’t instil fear in anyone. I have a suspicion they’re basing their choice on Voldemort’s lack of hair…

Tom Riddle's tomb stone

Tom Riddle’s tomb stone

I guess I’m glad they don’t make me a death eater.


The attention to detail in the costumes and the models is quite amazing.

Pink is the colour

Pink is the colour

Ministry of Magic

Ministry of Magic

Godrick's Hollow

Godrick’s Hollow

monsters everywhere!

monsters everywhere!

The best character in the books is the school – and here we find out how they bring it to life in the films, via green screens and this huge model. Amazing.

Hogwart's itself!

Hogwart’s itself!

Clearly I need to get myself a wand (unicorn and blackthorn would be my choice) and get myself back to the real world…

1 wand for everyone involved in making the films = 17,000 in total!

1 wand for everyone involved in making the films = 17,000 in total!

Oh, and the camera…? Well, what do you think? S’pose it’s ok for a point/shoot, but for sheer pleasure of making a photo, give me my Leica any day!

5 responses to “Hogwarts iphoneography

  • Food,Photography & France

    Good family outing. I have to say that you’re right – time for the Leica again:)

  • Kevin mclean

    Well, they are v good photos but is this down to the photographer rather than the iPhone. Did Charles take them? (kidding) Also, was there any, um, post-production? Good experiment, though. But the test of the iPhone is not vs the Sony Beast but vs some of these nifty new compacts? Obviously, I am not at all biased …

  • Melanee

    My son and I are reading this series together, so thanks for the interesting post. And thank you for visiting my blog.

    • thomas peck

      Hi Melanee’s son
      Thank you for dropping by my blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you want to read some more funny stories, check out the Friends Families and Portraits link on the right hand side. Lots of stuff on how my kids pinch my sunglasses, how my son reckons he’s a better skier than me (…), and if you dig right back you might find a post about scorpions. let me know if you like them. Cheers, Tom

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