New York Faces

People pictures. Why do we take them? To capture the moment of course. A 60th of a second pinpoints a memory. Last week I posted images of New York cityscapes. This week NY figures and faces. New memories.

Face of NY

Face of NY

I know they’re just snappy snaps, moments when the family indulges me and my camera, or doesn’t notice that I’m pointing it in their direction, again.

the wannabe actress

the wannabe actress

all round dude

all round dude, who’s stolen my hat, again…

happy grandparents

happy grandparents

for once, I'm in this one - feels strange....!

for once, I’m in this one – feels strange….!

the whole bunch

tourists in NYC

I did try to do some abstracty shots of the real locals – but to do this sort of photography justice takes time and patience, and works better when the rest of the family isn’t groaning in impatience when I pull out the camera…

Bubble man

Bubble man

shopper in the apple store

shoppers in the apple store

New York Face

New York Face

Ne wYork Figures

New York Figures

NY hot lips, I just couldn't resist...

NY hot lips, I just couldn’t resist…

I was here as a kid, 35 years ago with my parents. We did the same things, we climbed the towers to look at the views. Powerful memories that mean much to me. There are some photos, but not many. Film photography didn’t lend itself to the ubiquitous click click of the modern age. In effect there are more memories being created now than ever before. The kids aren’t bothered about these shots now, but maybe they will be in 35 years from now….

What a view!

What a view!

The view again.

Lucky kids, admiring the view

Rockefeller Centre - while they do this, we drink cocktails!

Rockefeller Centre – while they do this, we drink cocktails!

New York babe

New York dudette

So here’s to the modern photographic process and its ability to make memories. On the whole, it’s gotta be a good thing!

New York Mama

New York Mama

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