Spraypaint arty wildness in Shoreditch

“I need a photograph of the hedgehog in Shoreditch. You can’t miss it, it’s massive…”

Well, I’m not one to turn down a chance to get out the camera, and hey, this is almost a commission! So I head off to Shoreditch and get searching for the ‘hog. But this is Banksy’s back streets, so my eye gets caught by the wonderful graffiti and now I’m firing off shots in all directions…

Black tears

Black tears

Big nose

Big nose

Balaclava and shades

Balaclava and shades

It’s like an outdoor art gallery, full of colour, weird perspective and eyes that follow you everywhere. And this all on a dreary Saturday morning with the drizzle mizzling (come on Spring, hurry up!)

I'm watching you...

I’m watching you…

No, I'M watching you!

No, I’M watching you!

These two were hilarious – they stood there for ages reading the sign…

Be useful

Be useful!

This is of course trendy London. Uber-cool. Not necessarily my most natural haunt, but I do my best to fit in. (Not hard – 10am on a wet morning, the place is still deserted…). Red Indian isn’t feeling the cold however.


Club Row

Naughty, naughty

Naughty, naughty



Scrummy Vietnamese lunch at the Boxpark Shoreditch (google it – fantastic idea) as I wait for the rain to clear. But hang on, I’ve forgotten something. What about the ‘hog? Where’s the prickly little blighter gone…? Hang on, What’s that? Aha! O yes, definitely a ‘hog, and blimey, he IS massive. Big as a double decker bus. Well, it is London…

Double decker hedgehog

Double decker hedgehog

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