Why do sunglasses cost so much…?

high class shades…?

Over the last 2 weeks I have been watching the uses and abuses of sunglasses. OK. So I like shades as much as the next person. But I wear them to ward off the glare of the sun (oh, I am kidding myself of course…). Not so everyone else. They are a statement of projected character. Let’s take a look…

Mother and daughter beauty queens?

Together forever sunglasses…?

What is it with the cost of sunglasses? I shelled out £150 for a pair in the airport (that’s minus VAT) – polarised no less, all to counteract that evil glare, of course…. Outrageous for coloured glass. What’s got into me?

Do NOT disagree with me sunglasses..?

And what happens to my eyewear? Gets swiped by my son of course. And he maintains they suit him better than me, so he has a right to wear them. Ah, the sacrifices of fatherhood…

Godammit! he DOES look good!

Everyone is in on the act. The eyewear maketh the man…, and woman!

high life glasses…?

Perhaps the genius of sunglasses is that they are sun glasses. In that they are worn when it is sunny, and that just makes you smile and feel good. Look:

high flying chick glasses…? (love the reflections)

11 going on 18 sunglasses…?

Because I’m a berk, I managed to lose my shades after 10 days (on a golf course – why on earth did I think I needed my glasses there?!?) So, on cost per wear, that makes about £15 a day. I am a numpty. Jeez, I should have just given them to Charles. here is the one and only photo of me with my shades on. (Can I claim on insurance – maybe it’s worth it….?)

dude posing shades…?

All photos – holiday snaps from last 2 weeks. The Leica ones are the best (can you see them…?) – now that’s where it’s worth spending the money on the glass!

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