Seduction, intoxication! on the Solent in July

No wonder men spend millions on yachts when they look like this!

There is a seductive beauty in the sweeping lines that cut through the water, the huge towering sails. Add speed and danger – no guard rails on these yachts – and that beauty moves from seduction to intoxication.

The crew’s heads just visible give a sense of the scale of these vessels. And even though today was not particularly windy (a miserly F2 – 3) the J-class yachts streak through the water. No sound as they approach, at first far off, then suddenly they arrive, tear past and are gone. Thoroughbreds indeed!

The Solent with the Isle of Wight in the background (plus the inevitable groupie boats…).

The massive sail snugs the deck – no escaping wind.

Forty crew. Watch your step, if you slip you swim. We don’t turn around.

And when the race is done the yacht cruises back to port, serenely.

Down with the mainsail. Home. A good day’s sailing.

Now I just need to become a multi-millionaire, so I can have one….

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3 responses to “Seduction, intoxication! on the Solent in July

  • Roger Stowell

    Wonderful pictures. I didn’t realise there were any J class boats still regularly sailing in the Solent. I lived on the Solent when I was young and still remember the Beken of Cowes pictures of J class and other 12 metre yachts.

    • Thomas Peck

      Yes, they are wonderful aren’t they. I think there are 5 or 6 in existence and they go round the world to regattas. We were in the Solent so missed them with the huge spinnakers. That would have been the picture! Cheers Tom

      Sent from my iPad

  • Mike

    Super set of photos, lucky devil to be there to take them.

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