The Torch is here – time for a party!

Under 3 weeks to go, and the excitement is beginning to mount!And yesterday, the Olympic Torch arrived in Chelmsford, which must mean it’s time for a party!!!

Got my hands on it!

Ok, ok, so it wasn’t me that ran with it… but nice to get up close, and the kids loved it of course. They even had a go at making their own torches:

Athletes of the future

A cauldron was lit, speeches were made, and then we concentrated on having some fun with the locals. And wow! there were some characters about! Great for a bit of street photography.

A stilt-walker, before getting costumed up…

And now in costume!

Funny hats galore

Union Jack Bowler Hat

More tall girls (very)

She has to bend down a long way for a kiss

This was the day that it poured a whole month’s worth of rain in 24 hours. But the sun shone in the evening. Squelchy underfoot, but who cares?

The flags kept fluttering

Plenty to eat!

especially for the kids…

And lots to do and to marvel at.

The old ones are still the best

One string double bass

The Green Woman

A classic British event where fun was had by all. Bring on the Games, we can’t wait! (just stop raining….)

A scene from every jamboree in the country

All the way from Greece…

Happy kids

Happy country…


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