Even the British summer can’t stop me snapping (with my camera, that is)!

Tutor Madeleine

At last, Saturday afternoon, and a chance to get out with the camera and take some photos. Sometimes photography just needs that little push, and today I had booked myself and a friend onto a portrait course in London. Living Social – it’s a godsend… Here’s Madeleine, our tutor, and model.

Loves her patches, does Maddy

The great thing about these courses is that it forces you to take pix. No excuses (too cold, too early, too tired, too hungover). You’ve paid, so you make the effort. And you even learn a thing or two. Here’s Madeleine telling me to get off aperture priority and set manual…

I’m switching, I’m switching, NOW!

So, given that it’s the middle of the British summer, which inevitably means it’s chuffing cold, we head for a bit of shelter and some indoor shots. Here’s the arty shot of model/tutor hanging off some railings in a subway (don’t ask… we were practising technique, honestly…)

Should have seen the weird looks from the passers-by…

Now, much as I like taking photos of pretty girls, I did get the opportunity to snap some of the others on the course too. This is us trying to keep warm/practice fast shutter technique. Actually it worked well for both:

Reach for the sky

A rare one here, that’s me…

Kevin watched on impassively as I made a complete ass of myself jumping around like a madman:

You can see his wry grin, just.

I think I like ‘abstract portraits’ as much as head shots. Here’s two from the session:

Bloody hell, it was cold!

La Chevelure

Now, all but one of the photos on this blog page were taken with a Sony SLR. One however, was snapped with the Leica. We had a big debate afterwards, over a beer, about what the Leica adds to photography, if anything. Usually I argue that it’s not the final pic, but the process of taking the pic with a Leica that makes the difference. But I wonder…. when I downloaded the Sony v Leica pix, the Leica really pings right off the screen it’s so sharp. Can you see it? Which one of all these photos was taken by the Leica….?

Madeleine – can you guess which one…?

8 responses to “Even the British summer can’t stop me snapping (with my camera, that is)!

  • Roger Stowell

    My guess is the last one.because it’s been shot wide open and the eye is as sharp as a razor whilst the fall off is gentle and Leicaish:)

    • thomas peck

      Roger, you have a very good eye. That’s bang on. The full screen, full mega pixel version is quite stunning in its detail. I think it’s only when I compare pictures taken by the different cameras but in similar situation that the difference is clear. But it is there. All that talk about Leica sharpness, it’s true! Tom

  • Mike

    Excellent set of photos, looks like money well spent. I like the photo of the hands best. I once went on a Hassleblad evening because I own an old 500cm, we used their latest medium format with millions of megapixels, the quality of the photos were out of this world.

  • wheniwasalad

    Although some people think that black & white photography is ‘cool’ I’m not one of them, maybe in some circumstances b&w are preferred but for me it has to be colour. I like the idea of just taking off whatever the weather, but I’m not that clever with all the camera settings to get the best pictures.

    Again, Photoshop, or some other photo manipulation software, is seen as a must have, I just like to see pictures taken unrehearsed and not messed about with, but it seems a forlorn hope these days.

  • phrenzel

    great set of images, glad you wont let the weather hold you back.

  • Kevin

    Great photos, Tom (apart from the one of that bozo with Nikon strap!)
    Interesting about Leica, I guessed last one but only a guess – I like it too cos moodiest altho it actually looks softer thant the SLR shots (maybe that’s the fall off?!) Does that mean I have to buy a Leica? Or two..?

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