A Rainy Golden Jubilee? Who cares!?!

I reckon a million people made it down to the Thames yesterday, to cheer on the Queen, the Monarchy, the Country and the Commonwealth. Of course it had to rain, but who cares? We seem to party all the more when we’re up against it!

First sight of the Queen!

And here she is, racing in a tuk tuk through the crowds to get to her boat and cruise down the Thames. No room for Charles, Wills and Kate. They had to follow in their own carriage!

And they’re off! Big boats, little boats, boats from everywhere. A river pageant!

The rowers.

Our Commonwealth partners – Canada out in front (racing the Aussies!)

Oi! you taking the mick out of our Queen’s hat style?

We didn’t mind the rain, because the excitement was mounting as the special boat drew nearer!

Flag with pride!

Is she here yet? Where is she?

There, there!

But no, false alarm. That’s the million pound specially built boat – which the Queen DIDN’T ride in…! What?!? A million quid for a boat, and she didn’t even go on it? Correct! (That’s so British…)

Gorgeous. Nicely rowed. A bit empty…

But wait, the tension rises again. This time it IS her. Hurray! Hurray!

The royal ensign…

QUEENIE!!!!!!! (in white…) Where’s Kate?

Wave the flags NOW!!!!!!!!!

By ‘eck, that was exciting! Thanks to the genius of McT, we could see what was going on (“Ummm, but busy isn’t it? What we need is a ladder! Hand on a tick” 5 minutes later, returns with a ladder – BRILLIANT!)

And champagne, doubly brilliant!

Immy decides it’s time to make some money – face painting! (you know, I don’t worry about Immy finding a job in the future – she can make a profit absolutely anywhere. A quid for the U Jack this time)

Under twos go free, so this one gets away!

Brits love a party – forget the baby, fill the pram with beer!


This chap’s had a few already…

Union Jack Jester

And when the heavens did open it was good that we were prepared

we can even be patriotic in the rain…

The boats carried on – indeed mocked the weather! Ha, we don’t care!!!

This one sprayed the people standing on the bridge, deliberately.

So, with the excitement over for the day it was time to say goodbye to our Royals,… until it all gets going again tomorrow!

Lovely painted ladies

Mum, don’t hang around for another 60… please.

Jubilation and singing, and happy kids. Not bad for a typical Brit Bank Holiday!!!

Immy chants the National Anthem.

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