Paris – a photographer’s delight!

To be in Paris for pleasure and not for business for once,… what a delight!

Who can resist a park bench…

It is just such a photogenic city. I love wandering about and soaking up the atmosphere, even if the weather is appalling.

Which century are we in?

In my opinion though it needs to be shot in black and white, preferably on a Leica. Overtones of Doisneau, Willy Ronis and Cartier Bresson. So on my perambulations, what did I see? Cafe life, of course: 

Too early for the terrasse

Still too early…

Good to get into the warm at last

A chance to gossip

Paris, being Paris, is not shy about offering delectation for the eye…

Shop window, Place des Vosges


Destined for someone’s garden? I’m jealous!

On the more romantic side of Paris is the bridge for lovers just by the Louvre. These padlocks are cropping up everywhere!

Jana and Lukas, for ever

But the best with street photography is always the people. Leica at F8 and shooting from the hip. A great way to spend a weekend in Paris…

Old soldier, Arc de Triomphe


France today


France tomorrow?

Modern France, yesterday, today and tomorrow

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