Mother-in-law’s poison!

Little did I realise, when my mother-in-law came for dinner, that she had brought poison into the house!

Ranunculus – beware…

These deadly plants – if you eat them – are growing in her garden. So, she brought a posey to put on our dining table. And very colourful they are. But pretty dangerous too….

Beautiful and deadly

This is not the plant you want to eat. (Not that we were planning on eating it – Roast duck actually with a fine Rhone wine, cooked by Mrs P no less!) I take it on good authority that there is an acrid taste, intense blistering to the mouth. Ingesting will cause excessive salivation and bloody diarrhoea…!

What a pink!

blinding yellow!

Beauty often hides a darker side. Lured in, captivated and entranced, only to be stung. Such is the power of deceptive plants…

hooded and hidden heart

Vicious fiery intensity

No respite in that poisonous green

So, poison from the garden, placed meekly in the vase on the dining table. From the mother-in-law! And who would know this dangerous plant’s common name? Ranunculus = the buttercup!

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