Mrs P’s great day – the London Marathon

Yesterday was a Great Day. Why great? Because so many people fulfilled their ambition – to run the London marathon. What an achievement! 37,500 people. The largest charity fund raising event in the world. And the rain held off until the end. So British!

We were out in force to support Mrs P, for whom a marathon was on the list of top 10 things to do before she dies (she’s still got a few left, so I’m not too worried, yet…). The nerves had been jangling all week in anticipation of the big day. Finally, the off!

Nervous and ready

looking good at 6 miles

What is it about the Brits? Any excuse to get our kit off, or put some silly kit on. But of course we love a bit of zaniness! And there were a few crackers on display yesterday:

Ray's got his tools out!


Imagine 26.2 miles dressed as a tiger...

Having shouted our heads off in support of Mrs P at the Cutty Sark, time to dive through the Greenwich tunnel onto the Isle of Dogs for rendezvous 2:

The kids under the river

Granny & Grandad too, & Isabelle, flown in from Switzerland to support Mrs P

But where was Mrs P? Had we missed her, distracted by all the entertainment on offer?

Hula Hoop girl + Mrs Whiplash, on a ladder, of course(?)

She was really good!

The runners kept running past, and we got a bit peckish, so stopped for some chips. And of course that’s when Mrs P jogged past. She wasn’t best pleased that we were scoffing chips, and I had put down the camera, so no photo at this stage (15 miles in, ooops…)


Luckily we caught her again at mile 18 (having finished our chips). Still looking good, and we roared her and her friends on!

The 3 (sweaty) Graces

We jumped in the tube and shot off to the Embankment for the next rendezvous. Getting there considerably quicker than the runners, we had time for a coffee and a chat, before needing to yell our support again…

Mile 24 - you're doing great! Keep it up!!!

At which point it began to rain. How typical. That give Isa, our Swiss friend, a chance to try out some new fashion ideas from Zurich

Mind you, she did keep dry!

And we looked like drowned rats anyway

So on to the last stretch. More cheering and clapping and congratulations and, frankly, amazement at the fantastic achievement of all of these runners.

Blimey, he made it! Well done!!!

Well done Ray - he'll never be parted from his tools...

And at last, our own heroes. What an achievement! A real life affirming moment! Hats off to Mrs P and all the runners! So proud of her! Well done!!!

You are STARS!

(She’s immediately started talking about doing the New York marathon next…. Bonkers!)



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