Easter snap happy

Easter  is a great time to get together. Family, old friends, new friends. A chance to catch up. To reminisce, and to look forward. We indulged. An art show with my Dad; a college friends’ get-together with lots of booze. Let the kids run wild a bit. And a chance to take some portraits….

Tea before a visit to the Hockney exhibition

Grandfather and daughter catch up on the gossip

A good trip

Fathers and sons

He's already bigger than his Dad...!

Mothers and daughters

Kids who are almost teenagers; how did that happen?

But the boy still loves a rough and tumble

A perfect long weekend.

If you like portraits, enjoy the following:

Sharing time together, telling stories

The Madness of a Peck weekend in Suffolk

2 responses to “Easter snap happy

  • Food,Photography & France

    Nice portraits – a good set. Did you enjoy the Hockney exhibition? Very envious.

    • Thomas Peck

      Loved the Hockney. I think he is by far Britains greatest living painter. The Yorkshire Wolds are a great theme for paintings and I love how he concentrates on one spot and paints it in all conditions and seasons. And I grew up about 15 miles away fron his paintings so it was like seeing my back yard be transformed by a master. A huge delight! Tom

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