Oi! that kid’s got my baguette!


I like my food, and it looks like I have always done so. This is me, aged 2? 3?. Got my hands on a baguette and I’m not going to give it up. France, no doubt. And here’s me, a year or two later, with a banana. Got a good grip on it, not giving that one up either. Suspect that’s France too.


And then it’s my kids turn. France again for the following pix. This time in the South, Uzes:



And then along came my daughter! A big surprise, as the Pecks hadn’t produced a girl in the whole of the 20th century. She’s made up for that – very girl, very loud

In Beziers, very pink, very smiley

Matching hat, very swish

And so the wheel turns. From father to son, and to daughter of course. Look, I even have the photographic proof. There’s my son, and he’s nicked my baguette!

Cheeky tyke!

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