Adrenaline rush on the slopes

St Martin in Thurn

A week’s skiing at half term. Fantastic – best skiing I’ve ever had – in the Italian Dolomites on the Kronplatz & Alta Badia ski area. We went with Mountainsun and stayed in the Hotel Diamant in the village in the pic. Highly recommend the area, the resort and the agency. Top notch:

So this week is the story of the boys. We’ll come to the girls next week….

Birnenschnapps, to warm the cockles

The boys of course, need to go fast. And that’s what we did. Sometimes not very stylishly it is true, but always with enthusiasm:

Me, not leaning down the hill, as usual

I did get some good speed up – 98.3 kph at one stage (just had to mention that…, the iphone apps are amazing!).

Top of the Black

But I also had the biggest tumble. And it was in full view of our whole party. The kids and girls were in the gondola just going over the black run as I got into trouble: “look, Dad’s lost a ski……, he’s sliding…., he’s not stopping!…., OMG, IS HE ALRIGHT?!?!?!”        (I was, just.)

Re-enacting my tumble (no-one watching now, of course)

Carnage in Alta Badia, not me this time

No such problems for the kids. Charles (12, skiing 3 times in his whole life) considers himself an expert. Carving is simply natural ability, he claims. As soon as he hits the slope, he’s off!

Charles, incapable of going slowly.

Tops in ski school

The best soup on the mountain


Dude in action...

For most flamboyant, we need to turn to Charles’s uncle, who had a particularly spectacular set of eye-wear this year

You should see his shades!

Powder rush

When not charging the slope, normal Dad duties take over:

The best nursery slope ever - it's about 2 miles long!

Boys need liquid refreshment, regularly

The Dolomites are a particularly lovely area; the peaks are jagged, tooth-like, sharp. Very dramatic.

from village to peak


the view onto the black where I crashed and burnt

I want to do that!

Great views, fantastic snow, high octane fun, the odd beer or two. Adrenaline rush to clear the mind of the day to day work life. Paradise for the boys!

Feeling good!

Free the mountain!

(Thanks to Marc from Mountainsun for risking his SLR on the slopes to get the action shots – appreciate it!)

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