No point bribing this lot…!

A couple of weeks ago I showed the pictures of the kids at a recent dinner party (click here). I needed ice cream to get them to stay still enough for a shot. Not so easy with the adults… They wanted booze, and lots of it! As you can see, the Mums got stuck in first

We Dads have more restraint… Not that I think that makes for better portraits, but certainly less giggling when trying to frame up.

I think I said previously that looking at the kids was like looking into the future. And parental shots crystallise that future – here’s what you will become! Well that’s not too bad if you can stay close. There’s some hope here, I think. These two, for instance, have got 3 kids – and they’re still going strong. not bad…

Here’s the next pair. They also have 3 – the energy needed – OMG! That slightly crazy look, well, it’s understandable.

A wicked sense of humour is what’s needed. And they have it in abundance.

And my brood? Well, we only have 2. And that seems to be enough. Here’s mother and daughter, as thick as thieves.

And a rarity – a picture of me. A keen photographer, but less keen subject for photography…

And as the evening winds down, the kids get tired, and the booze mellows us all. Here’s the best pic of the evening. A quiet moment, just before home time. Gentleness, peace and calm. Until time to get up tomorrow…

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