I had to bribe them to get their portraits…

Once in a while we have a huge dinner, 3 families together, and the parents drink wine, whilst the kids charge about – all 8 of them. It’s bedlam. But it does give me a chance to make some portraits. Here are the kids:


Thank God for autofocus! The wine has put paid to any idea of Leica photos. Here I rely on the trusty Sony. Still manage to get a bit of blur though… Wine wobble?

Looking at kids is of course a way of staring into the future. I wonder how they will all turn out. For the time being, the boys play it cool, of course…

A footballer?

A musician...


Chef - the boy eats for England and has hollow legs

If the boys go for cool, the girls go for GLAM! And quite right too:

Actress, definitely.

Pop star?


Princess, of course.

Next week maybe we should take a look at the adults; another way of looking at the kids future, you might say?

The bribe…? Copious amounts of ice cream I seem to remember….

Pals forever

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