I fancied a change – abstract nudes!

I thought I might take a short break from landscape and portraiture for a week or so. And lo and behold, suddenly I’m in a studio brushing up on lighting technique, flash, brollies, reflectors and…, nudes!

nice chiaruscuro....

So, what’s it like then? Taking pix of a rather nice young lady who seems to have no inhibitions whatsoever? Actually it’s about as stale and unsexy as you could possibly imagine. Really – I kept fretting about f-stops and lighting settings…

desert dunes

My favourite shots were those that dived off into abstraction. Let’s the imagination wander, and not get too caught up in the nakedness of it all.

not quite sure if this is abstract enough

Then again, there’s the line of a curve which is unmistakeable. And rather beautiful, I think.

(Back to dawn photos in the crisp cold winter sunlight next week… am I mad?)

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