You just know when a girl has given you that look…

Sitting at the dinner table, the wine has flowed, liberally, and then you make eye contact with the girl opposite, and you just know, you just know, that she’s giving you the brush off. And she’s only FOUR!

The eyes say it all...

Mind you, one of the advantages of being the resident uncle is that you can try your hand at a few jokes to see if you can change the mood:

But if you don’t keep up the witty repartee, its back to the frostiness:

Clear facial expressions here!

This girl is not have problems with facial communication

Big sister with the hint of a smile

There’s nothing for it, I’m going to have to photograph the rest of the party. The older set seem to be enjoying themselves (it’s the wine…)

Aha, Champagne, white wine and red wine! That's Mrs P... (& her Mum)

It’s nice to see the adults enjoying themselves and indulging in some serious conversation.

Mrs. M. (junior)

Mr M. (senior)

Mater familias

Mrs P, again

But the adults aren’t really interesting. Much more photogenic are the kids. Here’s one of mine:

(She wants to be an actress....)

The red carpet awaits

And another of mine.

A future Chelsea footballer

Family get-togethers. The stuff of life. Here’s Charles and his cousin Hannah, best of mates, forever. What a future these kids have. Wonderful.

Thick as thieves

So, now where’s that cheeky little one who’s so hard to amuse. I’ve got to have one more go, see if I can capture that elusive smile. Come on, come on. For the camera!!!

Nope, she's just not going to play ball.

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