Oi! Get off my hat!

Best curry in town

One week till Christmas, and that seems like a good time to go for a curry in Brick Lane. So off we go, and it’s bitterly cold. And that means I get out my big furry hat, the one that makes me look like Bear Grylls. My lovely warm comforting hat. But to no avail, because my whole family delight in stealing it off my head. Frreeeezzing!

Don't tell him he's cool. That's not his hat!

For them this is a big joke. Not for me! Mind you, the local models didn’t seem to notice the nip in the air…

Summer dresses in Spitalfields

And once the boy starts going for the hat, then the girl has to follow. And she looks even better in MY hat!


Some of the models seem to take delight in being impervious to the frozenness

Not content with my kids bearing my head to the ice cap wind blast, Mrs P gets in on the act

In a huff, I wander off to take more pics. I love this area of London for photos:

Behind you...

And eventually I manage to wrestle my hat off my 10 year old daughter, and get it back onto my own head. That slightly withering look below describes perfectly the respect which I am afforded by my family… At least the curry warmed me up!

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