I never realised how beautiful York was…

Youth is wasted on the kids, that’s for sure. You simply don’t see, the focus in elsewhere – on the self obviously, and you miss so much. I think that every time I go back to visit my parents in my home town. York. It’s so beautiful, and when I grew up I was blind to it.


Minster at dusk

Perhaps you just need to be older to appreciate the beauty around you. Or maybe you need to move away. At any rate, whenever I get the chance I love to photograph my home town.

The centre of York looks truly beautiful, especially if you get up early and get the shots before the hordes descend. And the Minster is at the heart. As a kid I used to go here every Xmas Eve for the service on nine lessons and carols. Maybe I did sense some of the beauty of the place even then. I didn’t realise it, but a germ of appreciation was there.

the oldest window

the tower

So now, when I go to visit my parents, I make the effort to get up early. See if I can grab a shot that captures something of the home town. Perhaps I re-live my younger days a bit. At any rate, I look, and I marvel. If only I had had the patience to look more closely as a child…


Early morning, no-one around...

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