Falling for New England

“A screwey year”, said the walker on the shore of Walden Pond. “Normally, by now this area is swathed in red, full blood red. All very late this year. You should see it when it’s really turned…”

Walden Pond

“Thanks”, thought I, as I set up my tripod on a freezing dawn. “All the way from the UK to photograph the Fall, anxious that I’m coming too late” (can only come during the kids’ holdays…) “and this guy is telling me I’m too early!” That is what is known as Sod’s Law!

By the North Bridge, Concord

Never mind. I have done my best to capture what colour there is. And it is still very lovely, even if the leaves have only just begun to turn.

Minute Man Walk

I really love the beauty of New England. Trees, ponds, houses. It all looks just so picturesque. And the locals are clearly very proud of their history. Lots of story-telling about throwing off the yoke of the bloody Colonialists (hand on a minute… that’s us, the Brits!!!)

Preparing the musket

Forget the Minute Man, I was getting nervous about the Minute Woman. She was taking aim at an imaginary Red Coat marching back from Concord and blasting his head off. I ducked and kept quiet about my nationality…

Red Coats under fire

But the past is a foreign country, and today’s New England is an altogether more peaceful place. Pumpkins, squashes and pecan pie.

And Walden Pond is just absolutely beautiful. No wonder Thoreau dropped out and retreated to this spot. Delightful.

Walden Pond colour

Walden Pond colour

Boat House at The North Bridge

And missing that full blood red forest-scape means I will just have to come back another year…

Dawn peacefulness

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