Italian Style, on wheels…

Italians are known for their style. Now, I’m not really a clothes man, but I do like a nicely turned out car. Here in the UK heads turn for big fat protzig cars. But in Italy, well, the Fiat 500 reigns supreme. And I love it.

that's just soooooo Italy.

The 500 just has bags of character. Cheeky, funny, innocent, dinky – a hundred cute adjectives spring to mind.

wish that was my front door....

Even my daughter likes the 500, and she does 'cool'...

But it’s not just the 500. I even liked the bikes in Italy. They are made for comfort not speed, although these two have seen better days.

Everyone rides a bike, and you never forget how to. I wasn’t quick enough to catch the nun on the bike, but I got her next to her two wheeler.

Even nuns are trendy in Italy.

If you’re not a nun, then maybe you ride your bike with a mate or a girlfriend.


Back to cars. So we all know about the expensive ones, and sure, they look fast and sleek and expensive. And red is always going to be better than yellow…

I know, boring. And of course I don't want one.

But I don’t think the Ferrari has as much character as the Fiat 500. I mean, look at the pic above. You could be anywhere, in any rich city, in any country in the world. Now look at the pic below. There is only one place in the world you could be in this picture. In an Italian city. Cortona to be exact. So my vote goes to the 500. Unsophisticated, but cool.

3 responses to “Italian Style, on wheels…

  • ferrariforlife

    Interesting photos. 🙂

    There is certainly some nostalgia to be found in the 500, but come now, you’d rather drive a Fiat than a Ferrari? What madness!

    There are quite a number of places where you can can rent the more recent V8 Ferraris (F430/458) for a spin around the block. What better way is there for a car enthusiast to experience Italy, than in one of the greatest sportscars ever made? If you are still in Italy, you must definitely do this.

    • thomas peck

      Hi Ferrariforlife
      Thanks for you comments. Of course I DO love the Ferrari, and I would love to drive one. One day I shall definitely do so. And I agree, driving a Ferrari in Italy sounds sublime. I would put it like this – a Ferrari to drive my lovely wife to a weekend at a smart hotel, and the 500 to go to Tesco. Make sense?

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