Imperial Russians ride again! (part 2)

Right! If you’re reading this without having read ‘Imperial Russia Rides Again, part 1’ then STOP! Go back, read last week’s post about the great city of St Petersburg. Notice that it seemed deserted; and then revisit this post on the Russians themselves. Where are they in the city and what are they like….?

Well, Russians are clearly different. For example, take a look at this menu. A lunch menu, mind you. Not exactly a threatening time of day….

(I always make my bodyguard stand outside...)

So I walked the city, trying to see what the Russkies were like. And to be honest, they seemed like a jolly bunch. Intent on having a good time, and downing a lot of vodka.

Wednesday night in St Petersburg

Maybe I was projecting, but it did seem like alcohol played a big role in the everyday life of the locals. As a Brit, of course, I could empathise…

Sailor on the sauce

Midday stumble fumble

Sleeping it off...

But although the booze was in evidence, that’s not the over-riding impression of St Petersburg locals. Much more was the sense that this is a romantic city, and the people are desperate to be in love. There were couples everywhere, frequently in a clinch. Padlocks on the bridges, swearing enduring love from Nadjas to Andreys. Weddings all over the place, with happy couples posing for cliches.

Do they keep the keys just in case, or chuck them in the river?

The doves, white, of course...

The city seemed to be full of beautiful women too. Perhaps not so bad, if the city is a romantic hotspot

Preparing for the evening on the town

Shapely legs posing with Pete the Great (high heels VERY common)

And my last impression of St Petersburg… Slightly anarchic, crazy and surreal. Understandable in a country that is still waking up I guess.

A changing hut for the inner city beach

Nostalgia for the old church? Nah, she's gazing at the speedboat!

This guy is scary!

Last image looks backwards. This chap was clearly from a previous era. I don’t think he’s part of the new Russia. He simply looks too melancholy, too,…. Russian?

Those were the days...

6 responses to “Imperial Russians ride again! (part 2)

  • kevin

    wonderful pictures!
    loving the mono – great atmosphere
    makes me want to go there

  • Gloria Reardon

    Okay…thinking of going to Russia next year, so I will have to chat with you to get recos!

  • Mr Mole

    good set of pictures, i like the ‘ preparing for the evening on the town’ best. Lots to look at.

    • thomas peck

      Thx Mike. Just after I snapped that the girls realised I was up to something and gave me the wagging finger. Ever happen to you? I know you’re a keen street photographer. Tom

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  • Patrick Nicholas

    most enjoyable! If you haven’t seen the film ‘Russian Ark’ by Sokurov entirely shot in one take in the Hermitage then I suggest you buy a bottle of vodka (Polish it’s better) and rent it out. The restaurant rules reminded me of a Slovak restaurant circa 1982 which I still have. At the bottom it reads, “The Chef recommends: the midnight crap”

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