Every cloud has a silver lining…

What has happened to our summer? Where is our sun? April was hot, July has been damp…. But it does mean that the gardens look good, and that was brought to the fore this weekend when we went to Whately Manor in the Cotswolds, all very lush….

A fine English garden

What a place this is! A spa – where of course Mrs Peck indulged, expensively; a huge bedroom which was so large the four poster looked.., well,… small (it wasn’t), And frankly, after I had had my arm twisted to drink yet another Vodka Martini by J. Carter I needed a big bed to space out!  A lovely michelin starred restaurant – heavenly cooking: perhaps the best English breakfast I’ve ever had (once I managed to get up).

Come on in...

But the best were the gardens. Quintessentially English, immaculately tendered, soft, lush and full of colour.

Meadow flowers

The hot border

So every cloud has a silver lining. Especially these clouds – they have brought the best out of the gardens. Such is life in England…

Lush flowers and Cotswold stone.

8 responses to “Every cloud has a silver lining…

  • bagnidilucca

    It looks very beautiful. I loved my time in the Cotswalds. I think I need to go back.

    • thomas peck

      I agree, very beautiful – and very green at the moment! Thanks for your comments.

      I love your pic of Ponte Maddelena – is that in Bagni di Lucca? I guess so. I would love to go there too. I will be in Umbria in late August, but I think BdL is in northern Tuscany so a bit of a trek. Maybe next time…

  • bagnidilucca

    Ponte a Maddelena is near Bagni di Lucca. It is about 3 kilometres from our apartment and we pass it every time we come from or go to Lucca and beyond. We love it!

  • Sembinelli

    Hi Tom, very nice report and I regret for not being present …
    As your photo are really beautiful and full of “poesie”, I was asking myself not about the “poesie” but about what kind of camera do you have to make such nice photo..
    I, myself have a Nikon D80, first level of nice camera and I’m pretty happy with it ! in addition, I have a zoom 300mm that I use mainly for gym contest. What kind a camera would you recomment for a non professional needing “grand angle” and also zoom for specifics occasions ?

    • thomas peck

      Hi Barbara. The D80 is an excellent camera and I’m sure you get excellent results from it. Nikon also have fantastic lenses, although they are expensive. Sigma is a good brand of lenses and do many lenses that fit on Nikons. You could check them out. As for lens sizes I personally have a wide angle zoom (16-30mm), plus a standard zoom (24-70) and then a long zoom (100 – 300). I also have a macro lens for close ups ( a Sigma). My camera body is a Sony Alpha 900, which is a full frame digital camera. To be honest, cameras are all very good nowadays. And so are lenses. The important thing is to take lost of photos, and practice! Have fun!!! Tom

  • Sembinelli

    Thanks for your time answering my question. So now I know I have the good material (I also have a sigma zoom), but I have to learn how to do nice photos.. I come back from Italy, as you know, and I think my photo are a bit too much “surexposée”, trop blanche, so it gives a “fade” feeling seeing them.. I’m a bit disappointed..
    I’m in a hurry seeing your photo when you will be back yourself from holidays..have fun too !! B

  • Gloria Reardon

    These pictures remind me of the offsite that we took to the Cotswalds. That was fun! Remember our scavenger hunt? We were on the same team with the Jenny Digby, Alex, the print girls (can’t remember the company name). I still have the polaroids!

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